Osteria L'Aquila Nera is the brainchild of Luca and Patrizia Masarotti and Bruno Lupieri in spring 2011.

In the kitchen and lounge passion is the engine that leads to the result. Sure the place is simple, but with every detail in place. All attentions are reserved to the customer, which must be comfortable. Or rather at home. Maybe more.

And this intention has a concrete translation that goes through a recipe followed and interpreted literally: use of fresh produce, quality and niche; customer focus; change the menu every three weeks; a wide selection of local wines by the glass (but there is also a selection of national beers).

The dishes are born from the passion for the kitchen chef Bruno, emigrated return (Argentina): passion sent by the Friulian grandmother and that has its bases on the respect of raw materials and their seasonal nature, the pursuit of excellence and Friuli tradition.

And in the hall there is the attention and care of Luca and Patrizia, holders of the Black Eagle, and collaborators that turn to the one arrives in the pleasure of being at the table, tucking in and enjoying and moments of well-being.